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Retail Solution

Deliverit's retail solution is a B2B logistics and delivery framework tailored toward your business.  Our plug and play software solution seamlessly integrates with your existing online and physical stores.  We support a number of enterprise eCommerce solutions such as Oracle ATG, Magento, Hybris, and Shopify.  Our service allows you to ship from local stores; reducing shipping costs and allows for same day delivery.  Our end-to-end solution also enables you to add new innovative features to your website that adds a new dimension to eCommerce retail.

Increase your Sales

Enhance brand reputation

Reduce Costs

Reduce Operating Costs

Increase Efficiency

Increase Efficiency

Enhance your Customer's Experience

Better Customer Experience

We are eco friendly
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Local Distribution

Shipping from local stores reduces our carbon footprint. We automatically determine the closest location to ship from which means your shipments never have to travel far.

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Smart Packaging

We closely monitor and control how all packages are handled and delivered. This allows us to reduce the packaging material required for our deliveries.

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Smart Routing

Our smart routing algorithm will automatically create the most efficient delivery route taking into account many external variables such as traffic and weather.

Electric Vehicles

We're committed to delivering a cleaner logistics solution and have invested in fully electric delivery vehicles. Our goal is to have a zero emissions delivery fleet by end of 2017.

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How it Works

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Customers continue to shop and order on your existing eCommerce website. Qualified orders will be automatically routed to Deliverit's fulfillment processor.



Our smart dispatching algorithms will route fulfillment to local retail stores while taking into account: inventory availability, existing orders and driver's location.



Deliverit drivers will pickup and deliver the order. Customers are able to track in real time the location of the order, update delivery instructions, and receive delivery notifications.


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